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Here's Why Sodexo Meal Benefits is the right choice for everyone

The Ecommerce Geek

Loves ordering online

The Coffee Addict

Always up for a cup of coffee

The Sweet Tooth

Never say 'no' to desserts

The Health Freak

Protein and salad are BFFs

The Fast Food Lover

Burger and fries 

The Grocery Shopper

In-charge for monthly groceries

Choose from more than 1,00,000 Sodexo-affiliated outlets

That's all? Of course not.

Get guaranteed savings up to Rs 8,000 with Sodexo exclusive offers.

Sodexo Meal Card comes with a next-gen app that lets you track balance, spends history and much more.

  • Check card balance, spends history and get real-time notifications
  • Discover Sodexo-affiliated restaurants with the app directory
  • Enjoy faster check-outs with QR code payments
  • Order from your favorite food portals by copying card details easily
  • Generate a new PIN every time, no need to remember the card PIN.

Show me what's different

Along with ease of access, flexibility, secure transactions, the app also helps in locating Sodexo accepting outlets
- Sodexo user

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